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Any and all equipment, materials, and data mentioned on our boards are for informational purposes only, and are not intended to promote or endorse any particular products or technique. Run it into the 8x57 sizer, trim to length, and load. Shooting through a bunch of natomilitary surplus berdan primed. However, if you are interested in reloading, it makes a big difference. The reason i ask, it seems a waste to discard good brass, most of the surplus ammo i get for my m1a is berdan primed. Im not sure that serious injury, or death are worth the experience. Im going to post this in several posts to get the pictures in the right place. Reloading berdan primed brass discussion in general reloading started by vodkazombie, apr 10, 2002. Can be reloaded, but not with standard boxer primer type equipment. But that doesnt take away from their significance within the ammo industry. You can buy buy boxer primed cases in that caliber if you want them. Berdan primers do not use the anvil it is formed into the case head and thus. The major difference between boxer and berdan primers has to do with flash holes and the. I would reload nonreloadable steel berdan primed cases if i could find berdan.

Finding berdan primers is a bear mine came from a freind who gave up on reloading berdan primed rounds, and adapting the round to boxer primers is dangerous. Created by edward boxer, this popular ammo was patented in england in 1866 and in. Besides im not in a hurry and all of my boxer primed 7. A centerfire cartridge is a cartridge with a primer located in the center of the cartridge case head. There are still about 80 rounds in my stash, but ive since. Mar 22, 2018 boxer and berdan primed brass, description contest. Unless you are equipped to process berdan primed brass, these rounds will most likely not work for you. Jun 04, 2009 can berdan primed ammunition be reloaded. Reloading brass reloading unlimited reloading supplies. I was able to hobble out to the shop yesterday, out of boredom, and started processing a bag of 9mm brass i bought a few. Com is the worlds largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiats of all types. Some older types of berdan primer cases had issues with corrosion, but not with modern cases. The difference between boxer primed, and berdan is that a boxer type primer is centered over one hole in the cartridge case.

I reloaded those cases 6 or 7 times with the same results, if i could find them. I have over 1,000 pieces of once fired range brass that i just asked for. It isnt that the ammo is dangerous, it just causes them headaches and money when they try to sell the spent brass. Im looking into reloading berdan primered cases not looking on how to deprime berdan cases and wonder if whoever has any experience with this project would let me know of any techniques, tips or other intelligence they have swaging the pocket vs. I did it mostly to see what sort of effort it would take and the fact that i had a lot of cheap, good quality brass available to me clinched the deal. Easy way to deprime berdan primed brass make up a dowel that is an easy slide fit into the case neck.

You can now reload your steel cartridges in a few easy to do steps. The berdan priming system has 2 holes as opposed to the 1 hold of the boxer. I was wondering if berdan primed empty brass casings can. Oct 24, 20 im looking into reloading berdan primered cases not looking on how to deprime berdan cases and wonder if whoever has any experience with this project would let me know of any techniques, tips or other intelligence they have swaging the pocket vs. Most original military primers will be removable with the excellent rcbs lachmiller. Scrap brass prices being what they are it makes more sense to just sell it and pick up boxer primed at the local range from the non reloaders. Berdans solution was to change to brass shells, and to further modify the process of installing the primer cap into the cartridge, as noted in his second berdan primer patent of september 29, 1868, in u.

Reloading berdan brass gun and game the friendliest. If youre not worried about reloading your brass and you shoot often, this is a good choice that can save you money over time. Had to make a special tool to get the old caps out and find a source. Converting berdan primed brass to use boxer primers. Berdan primers have remained essentially the same functionally to the present day. This is the new system you have heard about to convert the berdan primed cartridge to accept a boxer primer. Enjoy that ammo, shoot it and scrap the brass with a smile on your face. This is the reason many shooting ranges prohibit berdanprimed ammo. I sell off the milsurp brass, as scrap, and use the money to buy boxer primed ammo. Thank you, i was wondering how to potentially reload some old military surplus brass. In times of need it will be almost impossible to find reloadable cartridges. You can almost count the number of dents to determine how many times the brass has been reloaded. Reloading steel and brass military surplus cases with lead cast bullets is a cheap way to stretch your. All yellow brass casings berdan primed brass requires special decapping and reloading equiment.

If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above. It is a bit stouter, heavier, thicker in my experience too so you might have to mind your charges a bit more than in a lighter, thinner walled case as you have less powder space and pressures can quickly creep up on you. Boxer and berdan primed brass, description contest. Ar15 ak47 handgun precision rifles armory training competitive shooting general outdoors archery hometown industry. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Once fired brass that can and cannot be reloaded discussion in the. I recently bought some military surplus once fired 308 brass. There are still about 80 rounds in my stash, but i. Tools to reload berdan primed brass gone outdoors your. While this has become a popular cartridge in the united. Oct 24, 2008 i can get once fired, swiss, berdan brass at a good price. If you cannot figure out how to do it your probably shouldnt reload your own ammunition. There are several ways to decap berdan primed cases but my own personal experience has been with the rcbs berdan decapping tool.

Primed brass and nickel cases 2 american reloading. Once fired brass that can and cannot be reloaded the. Diamond k brass llc now offers a small variety of brand new primed rifle brass and factory pull down primed rifle brass. Anyone know the correct size berdan primer for swiss gp11 cases.

Thus, all calibers can be re primed with the purchase of a single system. The norma brass is available but rather expensive in comparison to spending a couple minutes to uniform the pocket out and drilling a boxer hole. Discussion in reloading forum all calibers started by schatzperson, oct 24. Reloading rifle brass sort by popularity sort by latest sort by price.

This is a discussion on berdan brass within the reloading forums, part of the firearm forum category. Pick up a couple of boxes of inexpensive commercial, u. All of these rounds are brass cased, and i am new to ammo reloading. This is a discussion on reloading berdan primed brass. But here in germany berdan primed cases were reloaded all teh time befor ww1 and after, mostly for some special target cartridged like 8,15x46r or 9,1x40r. Special tools were offered here, made from forgings special to each kind of case head. How to deprime shell casings is something that really probably does not deserve its own post. I have reloaded not quite a ton of pmc brass, all of it in. I did this, even went so far as to reload berdan primers with a fresh primer pill, and it is a pita.

May 07, 2016 weve deprimed the berdan brass so what next. If one is determined to reload berdanprimed cases, steel or brass, seek out. The reason that berdanprimed ammo cannot be reloaded is due to the way the case is designed. Truth about reloading wolf cases archive cast boolits. With brass getting a little hard to find lately, ive found myself scrounging through some material that i would have turned my nose up at in the past. We asked if they read the bold print on the website in several places that stated. He mentioned a super strong decapping pin from that. I picked up an rcbs berdan decapping tool from an auction. As i understand it is harder to deal with the berdan vs boxer primed brass. I will be generating some k31 swiss cases that are berdan primed and it seems a shame to throw away match quality cases just because of the berdan primers. When using berdan primers the cup that the primer sits in is. I really dont want to do this to the brass i have but grafs is not helping me with my orders. You stick that chrome dowel into the case you want to deprime, then you use.

May contain minor dings and dents may contain minor dings and dents. Making up fresh brass is a lot easier, and cheaper. We including youtube will not be held liable for any injury to yourself or damage to. Anything wrong with noncorrosive berdan primed ammo. You can certainly reload berdan primed cases, though it tends to be a lot of work or messy if you do it hydraulically, but the biggest problem is usually finding. Reloading berdan brass gun and game the friendliest gun. This anvil in the cartridge case presents difficulties in removing the spent primer in preparation to repriming and reloading, so much so that most reloaders view berdan primed brass as being nonreloadable. Can any of you submit pictures of different examples of brass that should not be reloaded that is ok to be reloadedstuff like that. A bunch of it had the mouth of the case badly dented and nearly closed. The million dollar question is how to remove the spent primer. Are the next steps the same as reloading boxer primed brass. Person called complaining that they had some boxer primed brass after ordering 2235.

Created by edward boxer, this popular ammo was patented in england in 1866 and in the u. Oh, and i use dexron 2 automatic transmission fluid for a case lube in this kind of forming. Berdan to boxer primer, reloading berdan primers, berdan. When using berdanprimers the cup that the primer sits in is. As i bought that brass decades ago some has upwards of ten tiny dings in it. This is a discussion on converting berdan primed brass to use boxer primers. There is really only one reason most reloaders would even consider reloading berdan primed cases anymore, and that is the unavailability or expense of boxer primed cases for a particular chambering. If youre a generaluse gun owner who isnt too concerned about how your ammo works, it may not be a concern. No reason to pull your hair out with the berdan primed brass. As is the case with all new brass, its recommended that you resize the neck before loading to ensure that you have consistent neck tension. There are methods ive seen to convert them to boxer primed, but how much time you are willing to give up to that is up to you. Converting lr berdan primer pockets in brass milsurp cartridges to sr boxer primer pockets over the years ive thrown away i dont know how many thousands of very good brass cases of 7. Berdan and boxer cartridge primers are both considered centerfire and are not. The reason that berdanprimed ammo cannot be reloaded is due to the way.

If you have dated bulk ammunition that youre skeptical about, look for. How to transform berdan casing to a boxer primed cartridge. Any and all recipes, techniques, and data are to be used at your own risk. The expensive individual brass cases can be reused after replacing the primer, gunpowder.

Reloading berdan brass next steps after depriming youtube. Normally we dont share calls received from customers but had a one today. Reloading berdan primed brass shooting sports forum. Boxer primer is the most popular primer style in the united states, due to its ease of reloading also making it the primary choice among military and civilian ammo manufactuers. Does anyone have experience with reloading berdan primed cases. I would like to know if it is at all possible to effectively and safely convert berdan primed 7.

They are factory pull downs that are ready to reload. Our berdan to boxer primer conversion system provides you the ability to reload the steel brass casings you already have. If it could be reused it seems to me it would be a cost. I love shooting this rifle and the brass supply is thin. It can be reloaded, but its a pain to deprime, and i have no idea where you would find berdan primers. This brass is simple recycled for the price of brass. Berdan s solution was to change to brass shells, and to further modify the process of installing the primer cap into the cartridge, as noted in his second berdan primer patent of september 29, 1868, in u. Nov 03, 2008 yes, with a special hand held tool you can. Fill up the case with water, and i use a base from a boxer depriming set. Id say put the berdan brass in a seperate bucket and sell it to folks who could melt it down do make castings of it. I was wondering if berdan primed empty brass casings can successfully be reloaded and used again. Royal pain, i dont remember where i got the primers but they where cup shaped and required me to make a primer ram to match. Why is it so difficult to reload berdanprimed brass.

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