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Moorgreen had a largish fleet of shunters, two of these locos d11 and d12, an 060 version d and three class 10s, ex br, simon, david and robin. Memories of a nottinghamshire coalfield is a book by david bell that. April august beauchamp records bishop sutton boiler braysdown braysdown colliery bristol bromley built cage camerton carting boys chimney clandown closure clutton coal winding cost ddrm ddwg december deepened depth diameter dirt tip drift dunkerton engine house farmborough february gauge greyfield guss haulage headgear hill colliery hollwey. The midland railway was formed here, and it is the birthplace of d. This later became their national office, and was the location for several crisis meetings during the national miners strike of the 1980s. Home office hudspeth inches inspector of mines john lamb close lease load locomotive london macgregor messrs miners mining engineers moorgreen moorgreen colliery national coal board nottingham nottinghamshire notts. Transcript based on an interview with former mineworker mr singleton recorded in the 70s by roy dyson, a teacher from hall park technical grammar school, eastwood, nottinghamshire. Even now the chief farm there preserves the name manor farm. I was hungry to find out how things were done at moorgreen and most days we were taken on coalface trips to meet the cutter drivers and coal face men. Amos, david 2012 the nottinghamshire miners, the union of. Mentioned in domesday book, it expanded rapidly during the industrial. This was one of the eastwood collieries moorgreen colliery, on engine lane, close to the reservoir.

Some names are shown as witheld this is for reasons of data protection and relates to all records of people injured since 1950. Lawrence, england 1978, mining equipment, no longer in use, on display in a rural park at the site of the former moorgreen colliery, nottinghamshire, england. Brodsworth main colliery northern mine research society. Nottingham history down the mine first impressions bbc. Ltd began sinking this mine, near tong street, in 19. Like all surrounding pits it was a green field development neighbouring small, agricultural villages. It was the last mine of its kind to remain in the south wales valleys. Buy mining collectable mining memorabilia clothing and get the best deals at the lowest prices on ebay.

The list gives, name of colliery, where situated and owners name. There is a wealth of information illustrated in this book, and having read it, many readers will doubtless be tempted to read the associated volumes linked to the ilkeston area which are referenced in the text. Foster, william, aug 1902, aged 29, hewer, while hewing in a longwall working in the anthony or two feet seam, a false bedded stone fell from the roof canting out two props which were set under the thin edge. In women in love for example lawrence described the modernisation of collieries in the early 1900s and the unrest it caused. Memories of calverton coal, colliery and mining forum. From 30 to zero a history of nottinghamshires coal mines. At the height of its production in 1963, moorgreen colliery alone produced one million tons of coal, but the last coal mine in the area closed in 1985.

The oldest reference in our own locality to the chapel of moorgreen so far as we know consists of some documentary evidence to the effect that in 1662 the nonconformists held divine worship at moorgreen in an old barn, on the site of which a chapel was later on built, and that finally the much larger one of the present dimensions was erected. Ben wall wallsend mining disaster 1835, what happened to cuthbert reavelys wife after the event. Jul 07, 2017 from 30 to zero a history of nottinghamshires coal mines. Birds in colliers wood about our feathered friend in the area. It was located near the villages of hirwaun and rhigos, north of the town of aberdare in the cynon valley south wales. Oct 14, 2008 memories of a nottinghamshire coalfield is a book by david bell that, among other things, asks miners what it was like going underground for the first time. Coal mining a general history timeline by ernest t. Moorgreen was part and parcel of the greasley castle estate, and probably the home farm of it, with maybe some villain tenements and a few necessary labourers huts, and it has therefore no separate place in domesday. Lledo diecast ford model a stake truck hucknall colliery.

Photographs from as far back as 1895 show nottinghamshire. Moorgreen colliery industrial site memorial a plaque underneath this mural on one of the original buildings of the former colliery reads the mural artwork was produced by students of the new college nottingham basford hall in cooperation with maplebeck holdings limited, who have dedicated it to the people of eastwood. Moorgreen colliery stock photos and images 35 page 1 of 1. Information, photographs and plans for moorgreen colliery coal colliery on the mine exploration web site uk. May 18, 2010 moorgreen colliery on healy hero good site giving details of the history of many pits, local and further afield. Amos, david 2012 the nottinghamshire miners, the union. Annesley bentinck colliery miners mining check oval bestwood collierynew hucknall pre 1947 pit check. Dh lawrence often used the pit as inspiration positive or negative, depending on his mood in his works. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Fragments of british industrial heritage posts facebook. Chris upton thorseby colliery book launch and exhibition eric minard ilkeston. Total national output was 2,612,000 tons 1705 most shafts were 7 to 8 feet in diameter and up to 360 feet in depth. The central vignettes show two models of miners lamp, the davy, left, which was the more popular, and the clanny. A mining village amber collection chatterley whitfield colliery uk coal mine.

All the images below are links to anthracite related videos on you tube. For those aficionados of british industrial history, stationary steam engine enthusiasts, and indeed, students of early steam engines, may i suggest a visit to the historic elsecar heritage centre, near barnsley is a must. During the walk we passed under the longest stretch of unsupported roof in any colliery in the area, this was due to the rock strata above us. Bbc nottingham history down the mine first impressions. The owner of south kirkby colliery and featherstone main a major j.

The colliery finished production in late july 1985. Photographs of moorgreen colliery coal colliery on the mining history web site uk. Many miners migrated from the derbyshire and nottinghamshire mines to seek employment in the newly developing coalfield. Cyril clamp, a deputy at moorgreen colliery, was appointed conductor, with two more deputies, mr j w w brown appointed secretary and mr f w townsend.

It was a very old colliery and one that caught my interest from day one because i had already experienced going underground at calverton. You are welcome to use this album for uploading archive or historical photographs of moorgreen colliery. The boy was thomas herring bingham and the girl was mary lilian beresford, 10, the daughter of the colliery manager at moorgreen. The village is in south yorkshire whilst the former colliery was situated in west yorkshire in the wakefield rural ward. I did 2 weeks training at moorgreen pit that was my first experience on the cage. Collieries, plus the planned rundown to closure of moorgreen and the pye. Industrialisation continued with the opening in 1868 of moorgreen colliery, and in 1875 the demand for coal resulted in a railway station in eastwood. Moorgreen colliery on healy hero good site giving details of the history of many pits, local and further afield. The nottinghamshire miners, the union of democratic mineworkers. Moorgreen south nottinghamshire colliery, eastwood, birthplace of d. Mentioned in domesday book, it expanded rapidly during the industrial revolution. Buy point of ayr colliery by mostyn history preservation society isbn. Cooper in his book brass bands of yorkshire states the band started in 1930 from the woodlands village band. Seaham colliery, county durham, england, showing the head gear above the shaft, and work in an active coal seam.

The colliery operated 1865, closing over a century later in 1985 when the seams were run dry. For anyone interested in this time of industrial history this book is a comprehensive guide. That visit is the first known visit to moorgreen by frieda to meet lawrence. It was at this stage that the committee briefly gave consideration to changing the name of the choir but the membership made it clear that they were proud of the roots from which they had sprung and wished to remain. This is a database of over 164,000 records containing the details of coalmining accidents and deaths in the uk. Like so many other pit teams the story starts with the development of the south yorkshire coalfield and the sinking of the first shaft of brodsworth main colliery in 1906. This is how the events unfolded on that day the 4th. In 1832, a historic meeting took place at the sun inn built 1750, which resulted in the creation of the midland counties railway, and the construction of a line from pinxton to leicester.

Eastwood is a former coal mining town in the broxtowe district of nottinghamshire, england, 8 miles km northwest of nottingham and 10 miles 16 km northeast of derby on the border between nottinghamshire and derbyshire. Prized as the best stone in britain by roman invaders who carved jewelry out of it, coal has transformed societies. Moorgreen was the last operating colliery in the eastwood area. Woolley colliery is a village on the border between the barnsley and wakefield districts in yorkshire, england. Aug 24, 2019 photographs from as far back as 1895 show nottinghamshires mining history. Preserving the past, promoting the present and forging the future. The colliery was established in 1865 and was one of the last to close in 1985. Roy mann takes us deep underground with a potted history of coal mining in nottinghamshire. The 25th closure anniversary of moorgreen colliery, near eastwood recently took place. All about the history of boldon in tyne and wear between sunderland and newcastle upon tyne. Fretwell 1700 two thirds of the national coal output was produced on the banks of the rivers tyne and wear. Moorgreen colliery demolition 1986 i was lucky to get.

Up to 1904 it also had the names of hemsworth colliery co. In the days before mechanisation, pit ponies were stabled underground and were used to transport materials in and coal out of the mine. Records show the location of many mines from small bell shaped holes in fields to the main pits e. Fosdick and was known as fitzwilliam hemsworth collieries ltd. Frieda weekley did visit moorgreen, and more than once. Several coal seams outcrop in the hillside so coal was probably mined thereabouts for many years before that but only on a small scale until railway transport began.

Moorgreen colliery coal colliery information and photos aditnow. Memories of a nottinghamshire coalfield is a book by david bell that, among other things, asks miners what it was like going underground for the first time. The picture of moorgreen colliery above is from this site. Great savings free delivery collection on many items. History of the choir eastwood collieries male voice choir.

Hucknall colliery pit south notts area mining plate by edwardian. Lledo lp20 047a rufford colliery model a ford stake truck. The huskar colliery was joined to moorend colliery, for ventilation purposes. Among the items was a register from annesley colliery which showed boys under 16 signed on at the colliery in the 1890.

Gray mountain by john grisham, fall of giants by ken follett, faith, hope, and ivy june by phyllis reynolds naylor, how gre. Welcome to the markham colliery story mine the story mine, is a project supported by heritage lottery fund and derbyshire county council to unearth and share stories from markham colliery. In recent years, tourism has become increasingly important. Taken in january 1986, it shows the beginning of the end for moorgreen colliery in nottinghamshire. Photographs from as far back as 1895 show nottinghamshires. Nottinghamshire history griseleia in snotinghscire, 1901. Moorgreen colliery which was in engine lane, eastwood, nottinghamshire. The tandem headstocks at brinsley colliery, nottinghamshire. Messrs miners mining engineers moorgreen moorgreen colliery national coal board nottingham.

Moorgreen colliery coal colliery information and photos. Woolley colliery mine was working from at least the early 1850s. Young dr brindell goes in after her and they are found dead later with her arms clasped round his neck. Moorgreen colliery demolition 1986 i was lucky to get this. Eastwood is a former coal mining town in the broxtowe district of nottinghamshire, england, 8 miles northwest of nottingham and 10 miles northeast of derby on the border between nottinghamshire and derbyshire. It became minton colliery in the miningbased novel, sons and lovers 19. On the subject of watnall pit we used to walk underground from the underground training gallery at moorgreen to watnall pit as the fans installed there helped to pull the air through moorgreen workings. Easington colliery clan castle family history book history books village photography coal miners time pictures north east england mining equipment easington. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Moorgreen colliery demolition 1986 i was lucky to get this gem from my dad when he was sorting through some photos recently. There were three shafts, and three seams are producing coal from five faces. The colliery, sunk in 1865, formally belonged to the barber walker company. Our vision is to lead and transform information management, guarantee the survival of todays information for tomorrow and bring history to life for everyone. Historic and archive photos of moorgreen colliery coal colliery.

Woolley grange community pages woolley colliery history. The loan of the british librarys boldon book in 2014 helped to raise awareness and stimulate interest in the book and its importance to the borough. Thus ending duquesne lights long history of coal mining in greene county, pa. Nottinghamshire has a rich mining history, stretching back to. It was renamed as minton colliery in sons and lovers bythe eastwood writer, oh lawrence. Review the journal of the friends of the national railway museum, no.

Coal mining a general history timeline durham in time. Nottinghamshire has a rich mining history, stretching back to the early 19th century, with the last mine closing. Coalmining accidents and deaths raleys maps, poems and. The astley green colliery museum is a museum run by the red rose steam society in astley near tyldesley in greater manchester, england. Miscellaneous drawings of shafts, fan at moorgreen colliery, gaco split seals, bearings for 10 engine, etc lac11918 book entitled fan centres giving dimensions of fan centrepieces lac11919. To come back to the colliery page after viewing a video, click on the x in the lower right side of the video screen. The company was a group of local men, either called ellison or sharp, it worked toftshaw moor until the end 1946 when it was nationalised. This colliery was a joint venture between the hickleton main colliery co. In the past workers had to travel up to 4800 metres from the shaft to the coal face, but later the furthest they needed to travel is 3700 metres. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the creative commons cc0 license.

Mining collectable mining memorabilia clothing for sale ebay. Toftshaw moor colliery northern mine research society. The story opens with a description of the colliery as seen from the cabin of a coal. Photos on 70 of the 256 page book starting 1932 at penn pitt. Moorgreen collierys sentinel d12 at langley mill 29 june 1981. Lawrence, england 1978, people watch the wedding of prince harry and meghan markle on a big screen inside a marquee at the trent valley da camping and caravanning club in eastwood, nottinghamshire, which is holding street party to celebrate the royal wedding. Moorgreen colliery, near eastwood, was the last colliery in the former ncbeast midlands no. Moorgreen colliery 1912 mucky ukna bullel baasford. The mother took her two girls to moorgreen by train.

Coalmining representation in the heritage sector of the. Recently a former bentinck colliery miner brought in various items of mining memorabillia to selstonia heritage. Photographs from as far back as 1895 show nottinghamshires mining history. Agriculture, corn milling, framework knitting, malting and brewing, rope making and pottery all developed during industrialisation, but coal mining remained the principal industry. Glofar twr was the oldest continuously working deepcoal mine in the united kingdom, and possibly the world, until its closure in 2008. Industrialisation continued with the opening in 1868 of moorgreen colliery. The colliery had been agreed for closure prior to the 198485 miners strike due to exhaustion of viable reserves. National coal board, records of collieries deposited in. Among the pits lads signed on was a john w sturman, a relative of jack sturman who worked at annesley. Historic photographs of moorgreen colliery coal colliery.

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